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How did you get a list of so many stations?
Our staff spent months researching lists of TV and radio stations all over the country. We contacted each station one by one, and placed their contact information in our database. It was very tedious research. But our hard work was worth it. Now we are able to instantly send your complaint to hundreds of stations without you needing to spend any time figuring out how to contact each one!

How do you send my complaint to all of the stations?
We have made it very easy for you to file your complaint. You simply enter your complaint one time on our order form. Then, our hi-tech servers will send an email to every one of the stations in our database. When our server sends out all of the emails, the "FROM" address will actually be your email address. As far as the TV stations are concerned, the email came directly from you. This way, when a reporter responds to the email, the response will come directly to you!

How will reporters contact me?
Since the email they receive appears to have come directly from you, all they will need to do is hit "reply" in their email system to respond directly to you. In addition, we make sure your phone number is included in the email sent to each station.

Will I get a copy of the emails you send out?
Yes. Our server will send you one copy of the email that is sent to all of the stations. Since the same email is sent to every station, we will not send you hundreds of copies. We'll just send you a single copy.

Will my story definitely get on TV or on the radio?
We cannot guarantee that any story will make the news. But with hundreds of stations receiving your story all over the country, your chances are very good that at least one of the stations may be interested! Remember that these stations have time to fill every day. Reporters are constantly looking for juicy stories.

Why should I pay you $7.99 when I could do this myself?
Sure, you could do this yourself. All you'll need is a few weeks of your time. Remember that we allow you to instantly reach hundreds of stations - yet you only have to enter your complaint one time. We think $7.99 is a very small price to pay in order to get your revenge on the company that wronged you! $7.99 is also a great investment if one of the reporters helps you get a refund or other satisfaction.

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